A broken town. A doomed generation. Restoring order with a blade.

It has been 20 years since that day. Where you watched your parents, their friends, perish. The elder priests always said it was a doomed town, but who would let their old superstitions slow progress. The sea is vast and unforgiving, you knew how it could claim a life from a very young age. But it also breathed life into the town, it’s so easy to forget when you have a meal on the table and a roof over your head.

Main street was where it all started. The significance we put on it, with our premier shops, banks and places of government was all a co-incidence. For what it really was, was something far more sinister, it was a gate.

No-one knows why the young were spared, but the Council of Kentcast advised the High-King wisely on what a lucrative image enhancing act, finding all these new-orphans a home. Your cries for your late parents, and your scruffy torn clothes made the common-folk dote. Dote and forget about the bloody crusade on the Orc homeland.

The elder-priests took you in, not exactly being the most fitting hands for raising a child. Old bachelors who could barely take care of themselves. But there were so many children without a home, and any home that opened it’s doors was fitting in the councils eyes.

The priests less raised you, as did they train you. They told you of what the hellgate was, what it did to those who were born on it and what responsibilities now lay in your hands. To stop evil washing over the land of Totus, you must snuff it out before it rises. You must visit every child that has grown, lived, loved. You must deal with them. Port Corebere, or what lay beneath it, cannot be let live.

The Fall of Port Corebere